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5 Tips To Keep Sex Satisfying After Childbirth


5 Tips To Keep Sex Satisfying After Childbirth

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After giving birth, many women worry about their sex lives with their partners. Whether it’s disturbed by the crying baby or passion that decreases after giving birth. So that having sex after giving birth remains satisfying, there are a few tips that might help you.

Tips on having sex after giving birth

Although maybe your sex life and your partner will be affected, not always having sex after giving birth will end less satisfying.

Indeed some things contributed to feeling unsatisfactory. For example, mothers who give birth by cesarean section may need time for their uterus to completely heal.

In addition, the stitches on their stomach are also more susceptible to infection in the first few weeks. Therefore, most of them are waiting for doctors to give the green light to have sex.

Here are some tips that might help you and your partner get the same satisfaction as before giving birth.

1. No need to rush

One of the tips to stay satisfied when having sex after giving birth is not to rush.

As reported from the page Psychology Today, not in a hurry when having sex is the key to improving the quality of relationships.

In the first weeks after you are allowed to have sex, you may feel that you are not ready to do so.

No need to force yourself, try to prepare yourself slowly. You can start by doing a massage with your partner.

Massaging helps you become more relaxed. That way, satisfaction can be achieved.

2. Try a new sex position

In addition to not having to push yourself to have sex after giving birth, trying a variety of new positions was also able to satisfy you and your partner.

Some of the positions below can help you.

Woman on top: the penis can directly stimulate the clitoris which makes you and your partner more satisfied.
Missionary: sex positions are most often done and considered quite intimate.
Spooning: a sideways sex position that reduces pain during penetration.
Oral sex: when it still hurts to penetrate, oral sex can be a solution.
Maybe the sex positions above are fairly common, but at least you can explore the body parts of couples more to get satisfaction after giving birth.

3. Bathing with a partner

Having sex that is done while bathing with your partner is one of the fantasies that you may often watch in movies.

While being showered with warm water, you and your partner can make out under the heat and wet body while bathing together.

Besides being able to increase your sexual desire both, this method at least opens up new methods so that having sex after giving birth can feel more satisfying.

If you find it difficult to balance the body during sex, you and your partner can use walls as a support.

This was agreed by Miriam Greene, M.D, obstetrician from NYU Langone Health. He stated, sexual activities carried out while bathing can be done with the help of walls.

This is because the wall can be a back for you and your partner when penetrating.

You can do other ways according to your creativity with your partner. That way, sex after giving birth does not feel bland.

4. Schedule sex

Who would have thought that making a schedule for sex after giving birth could actually improve the quality of your relationship.

Scheduling sex is apparently not strange. This method is often used by couples who have busy and difficult to find time together, even after having children.

According to Megan Fleming, PhD, sex and relationship therapist in America, when this is done regularly, the chances of having sex regularly will be greater.

In order to run smoothly, you and your partner can do activities together before sexual activity begins. Starting from cooking together or activities that make your sex drive both increase.

5. Improve communication with a partner

In fact, the main key to having sex satisfactorily after giving birth is communication with a partner.

The topic that should not be avoided in a relationship is sex. Talking about sex that you do with your partner can actually increase satisfaction in your relationship.

It is intended that you and your partner understand each other what they like and dislike. Talking about your and your partner’s stimulation point can also be a hot topic that can add intimacy.

However, when you and your partner have sex after giving birth and feel pain, you should consult with your doctor to get the right treatment.


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