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Benefits of Positive Affirmations for the Mental Health of Pregnant and Childbirth Mothers


Benefits of Positive Affirmations for the Mental Health of Pregnant and Childbirth Mothers

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The entire process of pregnancy to delivery will drain a lot of maternal energy, both physically and psychologically. To prevent this, pregnant women can fortify themselves with positive affirmations.

What is positive affirmation and what are the benefits for you? Check out the following information to find out more.

The importance of positive affirmations for pregnancy and childbirth women

When you have trouble doing something, sometimes the cause can come from negative thoughts like, “I can’t”, “this is difficult”, “what if something bad happens?” and it’s kind. The same condition applies to pregnant women or mothers who have just given birth.

Naturally, mothers feel afraid of anything that threatens their children. This is actually useful because the mother becomes more alert. However, excessive alertness can lead to anxiety, stress, frustration, to depression.

Affirmations are positive words that can help you overcome these negative thoughts. By giving positive affirmations to yourself, pregnant women also indirectly instill good suggestions in the subconscious.

This is very important because what you believe can influence your subsequent actions. If you believe that you are able to do something, the thought will help when you really have to do it.

When you think positively and try to spread a pleasant atmosphere, good things will automatically follow you. This theory is known as the law of attraction and has proven beneficial for mental health.

A study in the journal PLos ONE found that affirmations can help relieve stress. While in other studies, positive affirmations can even reduce the risk of depression in women aged 18-24 years.

How to instill positive affirmations for pregnant women

Positive thinking is not easy, especially if you are a pregnant woman or a mother who has just given birth. The reason is, you have to face changes in the body after giving birth, feeling tired, aching, or maybe feeling confused when the baby cries.

All changes that occur simultaneously can cause anxiety and negative thoughts, but you don’t need to be discouraged. You can try to overcome these thoughts in the following ways:

1. Accept self-deprivation
For pregnant or new mothers, the first step you can take to instill positive affirmation is to accept that you have a deficiency. There is no perfect mother, and there is nothing wrong with this.

2. Keep yourself busy
Keep your brain busy with activities that require concentration, such as playing puzzles or reading books. If your body is healthy enough, try walking, listening to music while dancing, or doing other activities.

3. Increase self-confidence and remain productive
Increase your confidence by dressing up, chatting with other people, or wearing nice clothes. If there is something you have to do, don’t delay and finish it immediately so that it doesn’t become a burden on the mind.

4. Controlling negative emotions
Positive affirmations may be difficult to implement because pregnant women and new babies usually become irritable, frustrated, and impatient. When negative emotions arise, try to control breathing techniques, rest, or tell stories to those closest to you.

5. Say positive things to yourself
There are many positive suggestions that you can say to yourself. Every mother might also have positive words that are her favorite. For starters, try saying things like:

I feel enough with what I have now.
I am a good mother to my child.
I love my child.
I am healthy, beautiful and strong.
I am living a good life.
A variety of changes after childbirth makes a mother vulnerable to stress, frustration, depression, and other psychiatric problems. The good news, positive affirmations can help pregnant women and newborns through all of this.


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