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Breastfeeding Mothers Can Drink Green Tea, Provided


Breastfeeding Mothers Can Drink Green Tea, Provided

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Green tea has been trusted for hundreds of years to have good health benefits. However, not everyone finds the same thing, including nursing mothers. If green tea is consumed for nursing mothers, are the benefits still the same or are there side effects?

Green tea side effects for nursing mothers

A mother who is still in the process of breastfeeding certainly has to pay attention to their diet, considering the quality of food and drinks will affect the milk produced.

One type of drink that is often heard and avoided by nursing mothers is caffeine. Types of caffeinated beverages are not limited to coffee, but also include tea, including green tea.

As reported by the Drugs page, green tea includes tea that contains caffeine, polyphenols, and tannins.

According to an article from the National Library of Medicine, anxiety and sleep disorders have occurred in some babies of mothers who consume high levels of caffeine.

In fact, giving tea directly to babies can actually interfere with the process of absorption of iron.

This is because caffeine can be in a person’s body 5-20 hours. What’s more, the duration can be longer if it is influenced by drugs, high body fat, and other health problems.

Even so, it does not mean green tea cannot be consumed for nursing mothers. It’s just, you need to know in advance the safe dose limit for consuming green tea.

Safe dose limits of green tea for nursing mothers

Normally, caffeine can still be consumed by nursing mothers, but of course there must be a safe limit. It is intended that the side effects of green tea for nursing mothers do not affect the health of their babies.

Therefore, breastfeeding mothers are not recommended to drink caffeinated drinks more than 300 mg per day. That is, you can still drink green tea, but it is recommended to consume 1-3 cups per day.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, generally breast milk only contains less than 1% of caffeine that has been digested by the mother. If you don’t drink more than three cups of green tea that day, chances are there will be only a small amount until there is no caffeine at all in the baby’s urine.

However, each person’s metabolic process will be different. Maybe for some people their caffeine tolerance level is much higher than yours and this also affects their baby.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to see how many cups of green tea you have consumed during breastfeeding. Don’t forget to see if there is a change in your baby when you drink green tea.

Alternative green tea for nursing mothers

Actually, green tea can still be consumed for nursing mothers. However, if you are worried that the caffeine content in green tea can have a bad impact on your baby, it’s good to look for other options.

For example, you can choose a tea that has low or no caffeine content at all, such as black tea.

In addition, there are several other types of tea whose caffeine content is much lower than green tea, such as:

White tea
Ginger tea
Peppermint tea
In essence, green tea is still fairly safe for pregnant women to consume, but within reasonable limits, which is one to three cups per day. If you are a caffeine lover, you might want to start reducing intake now so that it doesn’t affect your baby’s health.


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