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Travelling on a plane when pregnant



e all love going on a holiday and what better time to go than when you are pregnant? Relaxing on a beach somewhere, catching up on some well deserved rest before the baby is born seems like a dream doesn’t it?

Well you should know of some precautions you should take especially if you are flying on a long haul flight.

Flying is generally safe during pregnancy in the first and second trimesters but some airlines wont let you fly after 28 weeks because of the risk of going into labour on the plane so check with them before booking.

“If you are flying for more than 3 hours, wear flight socks”

Pregnant women are more at risk of blood clots or DVT’s when flying so if your flight is a long one, wear flight socks.

Keep mobile of the aeroplane, take frequent stretch out breaks out of your seat.







Make sure you have insurance and take your hospital notes



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