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Miracle in the making – A trying to conceive story


Just months after turning 12 years old, I found myself in a children’s hospital, receiving Chemo, and battling a life threading illness… cancer. A beach ball size tumour, located somewhere in my torso.. docs thought it was in my stomach, but as I finished my treatments they discovered it was in my right ovary. A cancer only elderly women were supposed to get, had attached itself in my body. January 23rd, 2003 I had my tumour, right ovary, and Fallopian tubes on my right side removed.

For five years I was continuously getting checks to see if the cancer had come back, thankfully I was put into remission. Wanting to have children later on in life, my parents and I discussed the consequences the chemo had on my reproductive organs. They then made us aware that they are unsure how those organs would be effected, but that if I turned 25 and still hadn’t had any children my chances of conceiving were basically nonexistent. For the next 13 years I suffered from multiple cysts on my remaining ovary, some threatened to force doctors to remove it. I had regular periods, with a 31 day cycle. Sometimes my cycle would go to 36 days, and sometimes after I hadn’t gotten it after 31 days the hope of accidentally getting pregnant would sneak up, only resulting in a negative test. In January of this year, on the 23rd day, I found myself 14 years cancer free, again Thank God. But, deep inside my heart was breaking, in just four short months I would end my 25th year, and enter my 26th year on Earth.. with no child of my own… my boyfriend and I had a conversation about a month before this, I had to let him know there’s a strong possibility I wouldn’t be able to carry our children, crying I let him know I understood if he didn’t want to be with me, that I loved him enough to let him go. With his amazing heart he’s got, he said that there was no way he was leaving me and that we could adopt when the time came.

Shortly after the 23rd of January, the 31st day of my cycle came, and passed.. then came 32, 33, 34… I was also told I could go into menopause early, so. I was patiently waiting for my period to start, I was growing increasingly tired, getting sick drinking my morning coffee, heartburn… then 9 days after my “missed” period I was standing in Safeway in the candy isle.. looking at the chocolate bars, I realised I didn’t want chocolate.. like at all, (usually I just wanted chocolate and soda around the time of my period), and with that realisation I looked at my boyfriend and said “we need to take a pregnancy test”. Both getting my hopes up what so ever we grabbed a first response one… as soon as we got home from the store, I peed on the stick… and within seconds a faint pink lined popped up! I freaked out, and show my boyfriend, and he didn’t believe it.. I was trying not to get my hopes up, because it was barely visible.. so we went out to the Dollar Tree and bought three more… same thing seconds after taking them BOOM three more pink lines.

On January 27th, 2017 we found out we had received the greatest miracle God could give us, and here I sit 38 weeks, and 4 days, patiently waiting for our perfectly healthy, baby boy to make his arrival.


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