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Regarding Vacuum Childbirth, Use of Tools to Facilitate Childbirth


Regarding Vacuum Childbirth, Use of Tools to Facilitate Childbirth

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Previously, have you ever heard about the method of giving birth by vacuum? The vacuum is generally used during the normal childbirth process with a specific purpose. Usually, the doctor will recommend this method to accelerate the birth, especially if labor is not felt to be progressing. Well, for more information about giving birth to a vacuum you can see through the reviews below.

What is vacuum birth?

Give birth to a vacuum is a labor procedure performed with the help of a vacuum device. When normal labor is in progress, your doctor may recommend the use of a vacuum if the baby is difficult to be born with contractions alone.

Vacuum tool or vacuum extractor on duty to help facilitate the discharge of the baby through the vagina. Especially if childbirth experiences obstacles and poses a bad risk to the health of the baby if it is not born soon.

The use of vacuum is usually only started after entering the normal stage of childbirth or when you do contractions.

What are the types of vacuum devices for childbirth?

Reporting from the American Family Physician, there are two types of vacuum extractor that can be used during the normal childbirth process, namely:

1. Metal cup
Vacuum device made of metal cup or metal has a round shape with a diameter between 40-60 millimeters (mm). Right at the top of the metal sphere, there is a chain that connects the metal with a removable handle to make it easy to use.

The advantages of using a metal-based vacuum device that is more easily placed to suck the baby’s head during childbirth. In addition, the success rate is also somewhat higher than the vacuum soft cup.

But on the other hand, vacuum tools giving birth from metal tend to be more rigid so that it is rather difficult and uncomfortable when used. The constituent metal material to help with the normal childbirth process is also at risk of causing injury to the baby’s scalp.

2. Soft cup
Unlike the metal cup, soft cup is a constituent of vacuum delivery which is made of plastic. Vacuum giving birth to a soft cup is initially shaped like a funnel or bell.

However, now the childbirth vacuum has been modified to resemble the shape of a metal vacuum cup. That way, this type of vacuum gave birth as if combining the advantages of a metal and plastic vacuum.

Because it is made of plastic, this type of vacuum to facilitate labor is softer so it won’t hurt the baby’s head.

When is vacuum used during normal childbirth?

Doctors usually decide to use vacuum assistance during childbirth for certain conditions. Here are some recommended conditions for using a vacuum extractor during delivery:

No progression of contractions
Vacuum extractor is usually used when you have contracted, but labor does not progress.

The process of labor is considered to take too long if it does not develop within a certain period.

A problem with the baby’s heartbeat
Problems with the baby’s heart rate are also a consideration of the vacuum extractor method used. If doctors and the medical team are worried that the baby’s heartbeat is having problems, delivery should be done immediately.

In this case, normal childbirth can be helped accelerated with the help of a vacuum device. However, this procedure can only be done if the baby is not in an emergency condition.

There are certain health problems in the mother
When the mother has certain health problems such as narrowing of the aortic valve (aortic valve stenosis) or other problems, a vacuum method may be recommended.

Doctors and medical teams may limit your efforts during contractions so that the birth process is made easier by using a vacuum device.

Before considering the conditions above, there are a number of conditions for the use of childbirth vacuum, viz

A complete opening of labor has taken place.
Fetus is full months (gestational age above 37 weeks).
The part of the fetus that is close to the mother’s pelvis is the head.
The head has come down close to the vagina.

Are there any conditions that make it difficult to use a childbirth vacuum?

Reporting from the Mayo Clinic website, despite good intentions, doctors and the medical team usually do not recommend the use of vacuum delivery in conditions such as:

Gestational age is less than 34 weeks.
Babies have certain medical conditions that affect the strength of their bones such as osteogenesis imperfecta or bleeding disorders such as hemophilia.
The baby’s head has not moved to the middle of the birth canal or cervix.
The baby’s head position is not detected.
The baby’s shoulders, arms, buttocks, or legs are thought to come out first through the vagina.
The baby’s body size is too large or your pelvis is too small so that the baby is difficult to pass through the pelvis.


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