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Sucking snot from baby’s nose! What is the craziest thing you’ve done for your kids?

baby snot

Ok, I get it.

Moms are supposed to do absolutely anything for their children.

But I must admit, seeing my “supermom” sister-in-law suck the snot out of her little one’s nose WITH HER MOUTH, got me a little weak in the knees.  Oh sure, it’s hygienic they say.  It doesn’t reaaally go inside your mouth.  And there are filters and what not.  But I mean, my mouth… that’s where I put my food. And that right there is green sticky mucus crawling with germs!  *shudders*

Does this make me a bad mother?  How come the aunties encouraging me to “have lots of babies” seem to have conveniently left out this part?  Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I will be doomed at motherhood.

But I can’t let something like this stop me. So I decided just then, simples, I will just not allow my future children to have any colds.

Ha.  The delusion of the young. Fast-forward to today.  Oh boy, as you might have guessed, things did not go according to plan.  How was I supposed to know the common cold was the most common disease ever?  Oh right.  That’s why they called it that.  When I saw that my most beautiful little baby was all clogged up, I literally felt like crying.  I tried the manual rubber bulbs where you squeeze the thing, suction some out then, squeeze, suction… My baby bawling his lungs out and struggling, while there I was, trying to hold him in place, squeeze, suction, squeeze… I always end up covered in sweat, his face covered in snot, and the both of us pretty miserable.  Or is it again just me?  Maybe other moms are just like squeeze, and solved!   C’mon someone, back me up.  That bulb is horrible right?  And suddenly I realized I would have to get over my hypochondriac fears of inhaling mucus in my mouth.  I was desperate.  But wait!  I discovered there is this thing called an electric nasal aspirator.  You stick it in his nose, press the button and done!  Literally took me a few seconds and my baby finally slept like a baby.  I got the PediaCare Home snot sucker (apparently it’s called a Nasal Aspirator and I found it on amazon uk) and it’s been a total lifesaver for me.  I also love that it’s this elegant rose gold color.  As if they knew sucking snot was one of the most unglamorous jobs a mom can have, and they wanted to make me feel better.  If I had an affiliate link I would stick it here (but I don’t, so maybe some kind reader can link it below).  I realized, you never really know the extent of what you are willing to do until you become a mother.  What was the craziest thing you ever did for your kids?


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