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Symptoms and How to Overcome Colds in Infants


Symptoms and How to Overcome Colds in Infants

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Colds in the baby make him fussy and cry without stopping. Usually, mothers are eager to try to calm her down, but there are also those who are confused about how to overcome them. No need to worry because this is common in every baby.

However, as a parent, of course, you need to know what are the symptoms of why a baby can catch a cold, and how to overcome them.

Symptoms of why common colds occur easily in babies

The air is very easy to enter into the digestive system of your child. The incoming air and gas produced by the digestive system make the baby’s stomach become hard, bloated, often burping, and passing wind. Not infrequently the baby becomes fussy because his stomach feels uncomfortable.

Colds in infants are usually accompanied by the following symptoms.

1. The baby cries
Colds make your baby’s stomach uncomfortable. Babies tend to cry for hours and days. This is common in newborn babies and has an immature digestive system. If this happens every day and does not improve, you should consult a pediatrician.

2. Fussy babies
If your child looks cheerful when asked to joke or play, but now he tends to be annoyed and fussy, this could be a cold symptom. Gas trapped in the digestive system makes it fussier.

3. His face turned red
Catch a cold on your baby is also marked by the red face of the baby when he cried. In addition, the baby can cry screaming like he is experiencing pain.

4. Not enough sleep and no appetite
Because the pain that strikes at any time makes the baby constantly restless and crying. This causes sleep disturbance too. In babies who catch a cold, their appetite decreases.

5. Restless and uncomfortable
You can see the change in attitude experienced by the baby. He showed discomfort by stretching, arching his back or curling up due to enduring pain. In addition, his legs were lifted up to his chest, especially when he was fussy.

Causes colds in your child

When the baby farting naturally accompanied by feelings of relief afterward. However, the conditions are different when the baby has a cold. Trapped gas occurs when the child does not have a mature digestive system and the air is swallowed when he is breastfeeding.

Here are the reasons why colds can occur in infants.

1. Swallowing too much wind
Colds occur in infants because they suckle in an inappropriate way. The position of the baby’s mouth does not stick to the nipple and areola so that when sucking breast milk, there is the air that enters into the body.

2. Too often cry
Crying too often makes the wind into the baby’s stomach. It may be difficult to know whether the baby is crying because there is gas in the stomach or crying causes it to catch a cold. It would be nice to calm the baby as soon as possible when he starts crying.

3. Does not match milk or MPASI
Another possibility, colds in infants due to the incompatibility of MPASI or formula milk. So that the child’s digestive system is disrupted, produces a lot of gas, and makes flatulence.

4. The digestive system is not yet ripe
The immature baby’s digestive system is still learning to digest food. Over time the child’s digestive system will adapt to digest food. Babies emit more gas than adults.

Take it easy, this is how to deal with colds in infants

After knowing the symptoms and their causes, there are several ways you can do to deal with colds in infants. Try to take the steps below as a solution to relieve symptoms when your child caught a cold.

1. Move his legs
Try to lay the baby on a flat surface and raise his legs. Swing his feet with movements such as pedaling a bicycle to help remove trapped gas and relieve the symptoms of colds in your child.

2. Raise the position of the head
To get rid of the gas in the baby’s stomach, you can raise his head slightly higher than his stomach to help the baby burp. In addition, belching also prevents colic babies.

3. Massage the stomach
You can massage her stomach to cope with colds. Gently massage the baby’s abdomen in a clockwise or counterclockwise motion. Watch your baby’s reaction to find out whether the massage pressure you are giving is too strong or enough.

4. Make the baby burp
Make the baby burp by rubbing or patting her back gently. This method can overcome colds and make trapped gas out of his stomach.

5. Give a partially hydrolyzed protein formula
There is some milk that claims to reduce the gas in the baby’s stomach. One of them is partially hydrolyzed protein formula milk. In this milk, cow’s milk protein is in the form that has been broken down into smaller components, making it easier for the baby’s stomach to digest


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