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Tips for your child to fall asleep without crying


Tips for your child to fall asleep without crying

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Children who wake up at night come naturally. At the beginning of your birth, you may sleep less. But did you know that there are methods or exercises for your child to sleep on his own? The exercise is divided into two parts. The first is to allow her to cry for a short period to return to sleep. The second is training him to sleep without crying. What we will discuss this time is the second exercise.

Can you really make the baby sleep without crying?
You may not have the heart to allow your child to cry for a few moments to return him to sleep. If so, you can try this method, the tear or tear method (the tear method). Of course, crying remains upon waking, but training him to get back to sleep quickly is not tears, maybe yes, but not excessively.

When your child wakes up at night, you can go with him and make him feel comfortable so that he can return to sleep. Experts recommend several ways to put your child to sleep, such as sleeping with him, carrying him, shaking him, betting him to sleep, and then letting him sleep.

Some people also recommend doing this exercise gradually. For example, when the child seemed to be asleep, you had to put him in the crib. When he’s still awake, you can win and raise him. But only do the two if your child needs rest. After a few nights doing this exercise, try leaving the bed so your child can finally sleep without being in your room.

Another way is the most common thing that parents do. When he cries, she takes it right away and then calms down with words like “Sshhh”. After he has cooled down enough, put him back to bed.

Finding relaxing words is important. We might think that children still don’t understand when we talk about something. In fact, he was unable to comprehend what she meant but could be taught to understand what she meant. Slowly you will understand bedtime. Say these words when you are already asleep.

Failure to make children sleep without crying
Some argue that this method is safer and more cost-effective. This method can create a connection between the mother and the child with a relaxed and calm atmosphere being formed. You may think your child is calmer when he responds quickly. However, according to some experts, this method is not recommended as it can make your child addicted.

There are advantages and disadvantages to the exercises that are performed to make your child sleep. Quoted from the BabyCenter William Sears website, pediatricians are expressing their criticism of the “let the baby cry” method as a way to train children to sleep in a child’s sleep. Various opinions expressed by Elizabeth Pantley, author of The No-Cry Sleep Solution, Pantley believes that letting a baby cry can have a negative effect on a child’s sleep time, even this effect can happen for life.

Those who agree to allow the child to cry argue that the time period to allow the child to cry is not long, both parents must also monitor their child. This method is also applied when the child is ready, and parents should also read the circumstances of their child. However, if you really care about the way to let your baby cry, then this “no tears” method is perfect to apply.

Every child is definitely a different way to drive. As a parent, you know what is best to do. You must be open in every way and choose which one is appropriate for your child and which is not appropriate. Do not force your child to succeed in some way, this is definitely not good for his growth.

Practical advice to train children to sleep without crying
Some tips for training your baby to sleep on his own without crying:

Set aside a regular time for a nap. Regular naps can help control sleep times.
It is best to put your child in bed around 7 pm.
If your child is still unable to sleep, you can do this to make him sleep, caress him or other relaxation methods. Your child also feels tired but has trouble sleeping.


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