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When Mother Is Allegedly Infected With Coronavirus Giving Birth, What Is The Impact?


When Mother Is Allegedly Infected With Coronavirus Giving Birth, What Is The Impact?

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Saturday (25/1), a mother suspected of being infected with a coronavirus gave birth to a baby boy with the help of a team of doctors who performed an emergency cesarean section. What effect did this event have on the mother and child?

The birth of a baby from a patient infected with coronavirus 2019 is a new phenomenon and is still hotly discussed by the public. The team of doctors is still analyzing the condition of the child and mother. There is no official information on whether his child is infected or not.

But from a number of cases of further spread of coronavirus, there are several similar cases that can be used as an illustration. Here are the notes.

What happens when pregnant women infected with coronavirus give birth?

According to reports from the media, the baby born by a woman named Xiaoyan was immediately sent home. Although the mother who gave birth was still not confirmed to be infected with coronavirus, the action was taken so that the baby was not exposed to the virus that was spread in the hospital.

A similar incident actually happened when the MERS-COV outbreak took place. MERS (Middle East respiratory syndrome) is a virus that attacks the lungs due to coronavirus, a large umbrella of viruses that includes SARS and novel coronavirus.

Little is known about the effects of coronaviruses, especially MERS, during pregnancy. In Saudi Arabia, there were 5 cases of MERS-CoV infection in pregnant women studied. As a result, the five cases led to the conclusion that MERS-CoV can increase the risk of maternal and perinatal mortality.

In 2016, there was a study from the journal BMC Infectious Diseases which revealed that mothers who give birth when infected with coronavirus are at risk of death.

The reason is, more than 80% of mothers infected with coronavirus and give birth through emergency cesarean section fail. This incident was caused by they could not maintain blood oxygen balance despite using 100% oxygen.

In one case, a MERS-CoV patient who gave birth, her baby was born healthy without indication of MERS-CoV. But the mother could not survive and died.

Is it the same condition when MERS-CoV patients and coronavirus novels give birth? Still need further research.

Effects of coronavirus on pregnant women

After knowing the impact of a mother who is infected with coronavirus and giving birth to her baby, identify what effects this virus can have on pregnant women

Both the coronavirus, SARS, and MERS-CoV novels, all three of which have quite serious effects on the human body, especially pregnant women. How not, according to a report from Emerging Infectious Diseases, SARS 2002 caused miscarriage and death of pregnant women in 2004.

Then, the MERS-CoV outbreak also had a similar effect on pregnant women, namely miscarriage and this happened a year after that.

Coronavirus which is the cause of SARS and MERS can indeed affect the health of pregnant women. However, a coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, China still needs further investigation.

What’s more, the case that has just emerged is a mother who became a patient suspect coronavirus gave birth to a baby and is still monitored by a team of doctors.

Effects of coronavirus on fetal health

Quoting a statement from Dr. Rajeev Fernando, M.D, an infectious disease expert to What to Expect, needs to know that there is no respiratory virus that can affect the fetus. Therefore, scientists believe that coronavirus might not have an impact on your baby even if you are infected.

Nevertheless, this statement still needs to be supported by further research. In addition, pregnant women are also more susceptible to complications of coronavirus infection, so it is highly recommended to continue making certain preventive measures, such as washing hands.


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